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see you auntie

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[22 Mar 2006|03:19pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

What is up with NIN.com?
When trying to watch Visuals like 'Only' or any of the other videos, quicktime gives me that torn Q paper. Or when I try clicking Real Player or Media Player, it brings me back to the main screen...
Are my settings off or something?

giving blood, keeping faith

[10 Nov 2005|11:29pm]

the lateralus video singles will be released next month.
itll be like a fucking movie trailer in the same sense as salival.

im waiting for the next wave of consciousness for the masses.
giving blood, keeping faith

between supposed brothers [15 Dec 2004|06:39am]

[ mood | creative ]

An odd connection between Tool and Star Wars I stubbled across..
a great schism

giving blood, keeping faith

[11 Jul 2004|01:51am]


join it.
giving blood, keeping faith

a crazed/crazy story... [22 Apr 2004|07:03pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

so, the first (and only) time i did LSD, i listened to Jimmy. i had listened to the song often during a really difficult period of my life when i lost someone very close to me. hearing the opening chords of the song immediately brought all the feelings and emotions flooding back to me...especially when you add to it the LSD.

anyhow, i was sitting in a darkened room with about 5 or 6 close friends, just sobbing silently to myself and totally enveloped in the song. after about the first verse, i really felt that maynard and i were "in this together"...we were really both experiencing the same thing. i spiraled down, down, down into the song with him. it was cold, black and grey and stormy...completely lonely and desolate. and i was there with him, listening and watching and feeling all his pain right along with him...and similarly, he was seeing my experience, feeling my pain...it was as close to anyone i've ever felt by simply listening to a song. i realized the true weight and the symbolism of the lyrics...i had understood them before, but now they were being literally sewn into the fabric of my being. as the last note ended, i jumped out of my seat with tears flowing...


my friends, oblivious to my "journey", looked up at me startled. one turned to another and said "now THAT'S a tool fan".

indeed. that is a tool fan.

7 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

[24 Mar 2004|07:02pm]

bendy. <- there you can find screen-captures and 4 video clips in .ogm format of osseus labyrint, from their performances with tool in 2001. [ if this stupid hoster is down, keep trying back; it should work. feel free to post with problems/comments/complaints &c. ]

-X- posted from alientheory.
giving blood, keeping faith

salival box set trip? [24 Mar 2004|01:26am]

[ mood | curious ]

hi everyone, i'm new *waves*. I'm an avid Tool fan as I'm sure we all are and I would like some feedback on this issue that i have not recieved from my circle of immediate freinds and was hoping there is someone out there who could corroborate my experience. so i come home one night to find my roommate has locked himself in the bathroom. Knives, mushy strawberries, and my blue makeup all over the place notwithstanding, I figure it is another of his wacky antics like the time i came home and he had built a cardboard pyramid in my bedroom and was working feverishly on some project in the corner, all the while painted blue from head to toe. After further investigation of the scene i see that he has meticulously cut out the small glossy square from the front of his salival box set---I'm sure you have all heard the speculation and rumors about this conspicuous little item and was hoping that either someone could verify the happenings of that faithful night or debunk the myth--either way it was still some weird shit--possibly an allergic reaction to the strawberries.

3 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

[02 Mar 2004|10:20pm]

i came across quite a find today. two actually. the first would be some pre opiate demos so far featuring a studio version of cold and ugly and an early version of crawl away. not only that, but also the snocore show on vcd. it includes a guest appearence of the almighty buzz osbourne from the MELVINS.


i have quite a musical arsenal these days. video/audio bootlegs to match. if anyones up for trading anything, ill be happy to share ideas with someone. you know where to find me.

giving blood, keeping faith

A Perfect Circle & Mars Volta [27 Feb 2004|02:44pm]

x-posted, lo siento.

behind cut for your convienence.

I have an extra ticket available for an APC show...Collapse )
giving blood, keeping faith

www.toolband.com [10 Feb 2004|11:24pm]

"A webcast with all four members of the band has been planned for the beginning of March. Although the webcast will available on both sites, we've decided to let the members of the Tool Collective ask the questions this time around. So, for those of you who belong to the TA, start thinking about any questions you have for the band members as they are in the process of writing and arranging material for a new CD."
giving blood, keeping faith

[18 Jan 2004|04:35am]

[ mood | blank ]


I had this extra one laying around. It's in excellent condition and you can't find it in stores anymore.

Anyone want it?

1 degree | giving blood, keeping faith

check it out [11 Jan 2004|09:50am]


3 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

[07 Dec 2003|10:25pm]


go have a gander eh?
5 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

mmm.... [20 Nov 2003|08:33pm]

how does Schism make you guys feel? I can't find the words to describe how I feel when I listen to it. This isn't the only song, it's just th one I've picked to talk about in front of one of my classes, but I haven't been ab;e to find the right words to descibe the intesity and the... ahhh! I have writer's block.
5 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

[19 Sep 2003|09:48pm]

2 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

[17 Aug 2003|12:19am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

now, im, by no means new to this community. in fact, i created it. i used to go under the handle of sixth_chakra

with that said...i have a small question. when "feel the rhythem, to feel connected, to step aside and weep like a widow. etc" starts on the song lateralus, you can hear maynard whispering something in the background. all i can distinctly make out is "step out". can anyone fill in the blanks for me?

giving blood, keeping faith

Chet Zar [19 Jul 2003|04:50pm]

I'm sure quite a few of you may have seen this already, since the link was posted to the official site, but I'll throw it out here regardless. The website of Chet Zar, an artist responsible for a few of the images/mini-movies that appeared on the screens during Tool's performaces and some album and music video art as well. A good portion of his work (at least what's on the site) seems to be concepts Adam Jones came up with brought to life.

Interesting stuff, so I thought I'd throw it out here for interpretation (or whatever else results).
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pillar of faith and determination [19 Jun 2003|11:09pm]

maynards mom passed away yesterday...

go to any official maynard related website (tool, apc) there is a message
2 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

[19 Jun 2003|11:55pm]

hope this isn't too "off topic"

but did anyone catch the bill hicks tribute thing on trio the other night?
it briefly mentions tool's album dedicated to him, as well as radiohead and rage against the machine (of which i had no idea about.)

it baffles me how a common man could be such a genius, such as bill, and treated so awful.
i really love the idea that even though bill died too young, maynard keeps the truth going (spiral out, keep going..)
2 degrees | giving blood, keeping faith

Community question [26 May 2003|06:13pm]

I have a community question. I created one over the weekend, but when Im logged into it, I cant have it be added to any other community or update under the user. Only with my other account. I notice other communities can.. How can I do it on mine? post to other communitys, ect.
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