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see you auntie's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
see you auntie

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[23 May 2003|05:30am]

[ mood | complacent ]

i was wondering if anyone has seen or has downloaded that clip of tool playing pushit (from around 1997) where that fan gets onstage and runs up to maynard? and then maynard, without skipping a beat, puts his arms around the fan and pulls him to the ground in a kind of bear-hug move...all the while singing "pushing and shoving me....."

god, it is so great, i saw it over at a friends house and have not been able to find it on kazaa (where he got it) since then...if someone has it, i was wondering if they would be willing to email me a copy of it?...please....and if you have yet to see it, i definitely recommend it....

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[23 May 2003|12:41am]

i dont know if any of you have found this site, but its highly reccomended. a plethora of live tool video and audio lies within.
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[21 May 2003|01:30am]

i would really like to get a tool related tattoo under my left wrist. but i cant think of anything thats good an meaningful.

so, i leave this up to you. give me a good image, as well as the artist, and small amounts of background info. it can be anything, from not-too-complicated alex grey, to one of the stars on dannys drums. anything will do.

thanks .
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reeeally nice drums. [16 May 2003|06:51pm]

holy. crap
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[12 May 2003|12:31am]

I dislike cross posting into communities. But I enjoy this poem. Because I am,
this poem. This will be the only ever cross posting, as I realize many people share in the same communities and cross postings become annoying on friend's view.

Tool is the best. in the world. no one. else. comes. close. to. them.

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[11 May 2003|04:00pm]

This test needed to have all the tool songs
I think Parabol would have fit me better ...

you are lateralis
you are LATERALUS. you spend a lot of your time
lost in thoughts and expressing your creative
side. you love the beauty in the world and
being amazed. you like solitude because you
aren't sure others understand you. but someday
you'll find someone who you connect deeply with

what TOOL song are you
brought to you by Quizilla
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[08 May 2003|08:13pm]

title or description
can anyone tell me anything about this image? the artist? what it represents?

anything would be helpful
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how tool found me...or how i found tool....either way [08 May 2003|12:17am]

[ mood | tired ]

i had always heard of tool...back in middle school a lot of my friends were into them...i was not that cool however...it took me until i was 17 to really listen to them...i somehow, miraculously (i think a friend left his cd at my house) acquired an undertow cd.....and i listened to it off and on...really had only one or two favorite songs....then when i was 18 i moved to florida on a whim and i was so homesick...and that tool cd reminded me of home...so i listened to it every night while falling asleep....i moved back to houston a year later and my friend jennifer would sing me tool songs (although she is a great vocalist, she is no maynard) and i loved the lyrics so much that i went out and bought a copy of Ænima and then Lateralus when it came out...i am just in love...there is nothing more to say really...except that each song is deeply personal to me....

and for some reason, when i listen to Tool..i generally have two favorites at a time...like for one week i will have to listen to 46&2 and pushit and then the next week it will be Jimmy and H.....i dont know why i do that...i do the same with APC...does anyone else have some weird ritual they do when they listen to tool? or is it just me?...errr...i hope i am not the only one=)

i have seen tool live twice...both were on the lateralus tour...once in houston, once in san antonio

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how tool came to me. [07 May 2003|11:08pm]

i'm not sure if i've posted about this before.. but i think i've not..

a long time ago, back when undertow was on the shelves and aenima was about to be released, i was a skinny little 7th/8th grader on summer vacation in south carolina. since i wasn't allowed out of my hotel, i spent most of the time reading books or listening to music on the balcony overlooking the sea. while my cousin brought his usual onslaught of guns -n- roses and elton john, i stuck with the little mixed tape my brother had made with prison sex as the 3rd song (the tape was worn out by the end of summer.), fighting with him the whole time for rights to the tape player.

my third day there, i was growing listless. i went to target and picked up either a revolver or hit parader magazine (maybe even circus!) and read of the likes of Tool and their new baby Aenima. i immediately went to the cd shelves and began sifting through. after finding The Deftones' "around the fur" i spotted the package. i grabbed it up and ran to the music counter to be checked out. almost everyone that meets me nowadays thinks that im 13 (hah, 1985 suckas) so you could imagine how young i looked then. the clerk just looked at me and smiled "that's some pretty heavy music for a little girl like you" and i just smiled. truthfully, i really only wanted it so i could be cool to my brother. but i immediately fell in love.

and do you know, it took me 5 whole years to pay attention to the distinct meaning of the lyrics? while i was off feeling dejected and lonely, scared because my theories of the universe and life were not shared by anyone, maynard was in my cd player the whole time, beckoning me to "come and play (why are you running away?)" i felt like a loser when i realised it was there the whole time. but it was beautiful that i finally found it when i was mature enough to understand fully.
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[07 May 2003|06:22pm]

genetic manipulation
this piece is about 20% complete. will post completed work into my journal. my first ever attempt at more detailed drawing. present words say..."along the lines of wisdom the path leads to oblivion. a synthesized genetic failure. the product of humanity attempting to create the perfect being." copyright rob lyon
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is this appropriate?? [07 May 2003|11:13am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles: Tool

Are you male or female?: swamp song
Describe yourself: Aenima
How do some people feel about you?: Disgustipated
How do you feel about yourself?: cold and ugly
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest[/spouse]: H.
Where would you rather be?: parabola
Describe what you want to be: ticks and leeches
Describe how you live: no quarter
Describe how you love: the grudge
Share a few words of wisdom: maynards dick

you are aenema
you are ÆNEMA. apathy and cyncism surround you and
you probably believe in nihilsm (you're also
probably right to believe in it). you think the
world if full of materialistic goddamn shallow
dipshits and if their existance was wiped away
the world would be a much better place. someday
you'll get your desires filled

what TOOL song are you
brought to you by Quizilla

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cant get enough jesus.... really?? [06 May 2003|01:22pm]

[ mood | confused ]

well, i am at anthonys house... i spent the night... forcefully!!! lol...i refused to go home... yes i did!!! so like her i am... i getting more and more angry at who i am and what i am doing here.... listening ot this shit on anthonys computer... some kind of aol radio crap... ugh, but its okay cause i like cold... anyhow... i found out that i was tricked into liking christian rock again...ever heard of this shit called switchfoot??? well, a while ago i fell in love with them.,... and when i went to go buy the cd, it was all up in the christian section.... i died... so embarassing... so now... i have this mixed cd... and this band called rocket summer... that i really like.... is all fucking christian too... how does one just go around singing a song about god and jesus, and how he is the beauty within... shit man... i was tricked... this hurts my feelings... **tears**

anyway, so yeah i made plans with fucking blue, and he just left... i dont even know what is doing on... it hurt man... welll, maybe not... but it does... how is blue gonna be all like "oh yeah, i'll be back in 15 minutes..." and not come back... didnt even tell me that he was leaving... or breaking the plans... fuck that.... oh well, i guess i am really that fat then huh?? too bad... i should surround myself with drugs for the rest of this month... then maybe i can improve the things that need to be... ha....naw... welll.... i guess... we'll see huh... wheres joel at??

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it sounds so nice [05 May 2003|02:19am]

[ mood | giddy ]

i have this mix cd i got a while ago when i bought some cds... and i never bothered to listen to it... and i love it!! its like a little punk and a little emo... but its so good... the bands rocket summer, acceptance, copeland, and beautiful mistake on on it with various others... it is an awesome cd!!!

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blow the sheep away... [03 May 2003|05:22am]

[ mood | awake ]

damn, i cant even fucking sleep. my back is hurting beyond usual pain tonight... i came online when i got home. it was about midnight or so when i got off... my back is tweeking out. damn this fucking shit!!! anyhow, its like 5am, i just woke up and i cant find it in me to fall asleep again... i have work in like two hours... this shit is nasty...

so i am here just kickin it... in pain and updating... well thanks for all the welcomes, from those of you who actually seem to read this trash... anyhow... so a little about me huh?

if you dont know already, my name is amber... obviously i love tool... i hate that no one where i live really does, or maybe i cant find anyone who does.. its sad cuase i am mixed with black, and you all know being black has all its major disadvantages... fuck that!! oh well, i am not dark or anything, in fact i look more mxican (as others say) than anything! but thats not really the whole point... people dont seem to like me, i guess its just me... anyhow, i have so many complaits and so many fucking problems. but then who doesnt huh? i have no realy expirence in the dating field, i mean i have had about three real relationships, all short term, and all failed miserably... life sucks in my part of the world... i have been in love with a gay guy, all the things i shouldnt have done, i have done. you name it... and i have been through it... i think at least... well, from what my mind lets me know about. you see, i dont rememeber much of any part of my past... its all a mere blur into nothingness, seriously... nothing. how do you not rememeber things??? ugh, this is so stupid!! but anyhow, maybe its for my own good not to remember huh?? i am so cynical, and positively negative 100% of the time... i love the simpsons... and i love the color red... my room happens to be all red and black, yes it is... walls and all... bed itself is one of those canopy things with black lace shit all around shielding it from light... i like it, people love it too. but thats not important huh?

so i first heard tool about three years ago... trip out huh? why it took me so long? i cant answer that, but thank god i found it...lol. anyhow, yeah, it was of course schizm, yes that song... i never listened to the radio (still dont mind you) and one day my mom had it on... and i heard it... i couldve dies... right away i detected something... from that moment on i need more of whatever it was... but i didnt know what the fuck it was... and nither did my friends... so months pass, and here comes judith, and clueless as i was fell in love with this too... and i needed this too... first came this obsession with a perfect circle...and about year later or so i bought lateralus, still in the dark... i didnt really even pick it up (as i do with most my newly boughten cds) and i was head over heals for a perfect circle... then out of the blue one day, i picked up lateralus, and i never put it down... this was about a year and half ago... i loved it.. then i found out that it was the same man.... just behind the creation of my two most fav bands... how convienient??? and then my mission was set out about a year ago... i had to buy every single tool cd... next came anemia, and then undertow... and then opiate, and then salival... and salival was such a bitch, seeing as how i was about two years too late... it took me forever to find it on dvd!! but i did.... i even have a post about that day in my journal... and i have several back dated posts that are worth reading... check back in december if you please...well, i know no one will, so how about i track them down and post them here one day...lol, yeah how about that?? lol, so anyhow, now that you have just read all this non interesting shit about me, which isnt nearly all of me... but just a bit or two... hope to hear form you guys soon...

oh yeah, does anyone happen to live in california? anyone in southern cali?? anyone in riverside? let me know, i want to make friends... i am on this mission to make new friends... i have had the same friends for years now... not lying either, the same four or five friends... nothing in my life changes, it just sucks all the time... you know what? i want sex.. yeah i want sex like right now... wheres brian when you need him? brian is this guy i just recently did one night things with... it was good... and i just need more... maybe i'll find someone today... this is why i need to make new friends... tired of be alone, and tired of men (yeah actually boys) hiding and running from me...

oh yeah, i got my first tool shirt in the mail yesterday!!! yeah!!! i ordered all this trash off ebay and so i am in debt... ha... i am such a loser...

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and a one and a two and a three... [02 May 2003|10:39am]

[ mood | cynical ]

so whos in here? anyone exciting... i joined, and here i am... so yeah whats new? i am some chick who obviously goes around inviting myself places... but anyhow, this community seemed sorta active, unfortunetly all the remotely tool based communities are lifeless and dull, so hopefully you all will entertain me will stories of cheese and god... and so fourth... anyhow... how about this...

so damn this shit... why does everything turn around and just burn? i mean it doesnt matter what it is, anything,. it all turns out shitty... and no matter how much you try it just gets worse. anyone ever heard of a little thing called "optimism"?? please, this is the stupidest concept i have ever heard of... its just lame... how does one go about leading themselves in blind thoughts?? anyone ever had a out of body expirence including optimism?? tell me about... how stupid was it???

anyhow, how about those mindless characters who march around trying to trick you as someone free of faith, and then turn around at the end of your conversation and throw the "word" or bible at you like it was rice for a wedding? god damn i am tired of people pushing thier god on me, and then telling me i will go to hell, and that my family will too... who gives a fuck about hell?? who gives a fuck about my family?? who gives a fuck about you?? oops, anyone in here religious?? if you are, i am sorry that you are... and sorry for this post... but actually no... i think and feel how ever i please... anywho, jehovah witness anyone?? lol...come on laugh, its funny and you know it...

so yeah there really isnt anything else i wish to complain about now... i guess later i'll talk about myself, and how much i dispise me... and then i guess that'll be it... untill then my new companions...

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[14 Apr 2003|10:45pm]

heres a question ive never seen asked... .. what the fuck is the hush video all about? care to enlighten me?


nevermind. read the lyrics and its pretty simplistic.

"I can't say what I want to,
even if I'm not serious.
Things like....
"Fuck yourself,
kill yourself,
you piece of shit."

hence the parental advisory signs. and their mouths being taped shut. i suppose the shit coming from their mouths represents what the moral majority would consider things that didnt need to be said.

i guess all thats left is the nudity.
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[11 Apr 2003|12:49am]

buried deep within the pits of toolshed.down.net, there is an interview of adam jones. i found it to be quite inspiring. if you have the time, the patience, and the will, then please, read on.

Read more...Collapse )
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[08 Apr 2003|10:41am]



apr1,tb;damn blair

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for all of those who you the cliche term "maynard is god" [06 Apr 2003|04:24pm]

"somebody who likes our music shouldnt see us as some sort of heroes, he should remember that the music is out there and sometimes music is looking for a medium. so if they concentrate on us its absolutely wrong, theyre feeding our egos and that makes it more difficult for us to feel the music in its purest form. wed start to take ourselves too seriously. it might sound esoteric and hard to follow, but thats how it is. once you take yourself too seriously the art will suffer" - maynard james keenan.

cross posted on aenima
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tool back to work? [05 Apr 2003|02:38pm]

[ mood | curious ]

so i heard on the radio a couple of days ago that tool is back in the studio working on a new album. does anyone know if this is true or am i just getting my hopes up?

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